I am now publishing my own zines. They are photo based and diaristic, dealing with various themes. Enjoy!
Issue #1: I Dream of Sleeping, in this issue I document some of my experiences dealing with an aging mother. I Dream of Sleeping

Issue #3: Candy Coated Unicorn, living vicarously by reenacting ads from online at Craigslist, Missed Connections.Unicorn_3

Issue #5: The Curtains Are Drawn But the Window Remains Open, this zine is about blocking the landscape and the telling of stories that I have witnessed out of windows.WIndows23_2

Issue #6: All These Things We Have Done, trying to experience the power omnipresence at the hospital at a difficult moment in my life. AllTheseThingsThat

Issue #7: From See Through Shiny See, in this issue I decided to lighten up and have fun with the readers. CthruShinyC